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please recycle the listview
From android developer : The RecyclerView widget is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. WELL PLAYED
o hi so do you liek programming
“coding is fun” “only if you managed to get an AC”
boredom and future
growing up sucks :< addiction to games sucks. the feeling when you realize one day you're going to leave all the fun of playing games and actually be an [...]
Am I stupid or what
So I pressed that auto upgrade button and My WordPress ded The auto installation failed And I had to download WP 4, upload it and reinstall WP. Bad news, I [...]
INC , jMonkey and Netbeans
ok, So my Laptop is dead. Seems the hard disk met its end earlier than I expected. INC is nigh. Although I’m not that prepared. I mean, I’m [...]
College, Copying Homework, tests, projects, projects, SUGOI Friends , etc
Well, it’s not like I’m a good writer in the first place. A blog ? hell. I fill mine with my ramblings, and swears, and cookies. I love [...]
another mid term
well yes. time flies so fast that I couldn’t even think what I’m gonna eat this afternoon. Many things happened, both in real life and CBEN. [...]
No idea why but I felt like hammered shit. Maybe I need more nutrition
Oh, look ! It’s the finals again
Final Exam , you derp.
Oh, look. It’s CBID
With ISPs in Indonesia raging about their cheap fees, it is inevitable that those who bought “exclusive” services from those ISPs experience a [...]